Very little cyberware is physically implanted. Instead, the morph is placed in a Healing Vat and the vat’s nanobots construct the cyberware inside the biomorph’s body. Cyberware is rarely used for anything that can be accomplished using bioware. Synthmorphs and bots may also also use cyberware.

Synthmorphs and BiowareEdit

There are many forms of Bioware that can be replicated as Cyberware.

Cyberware Enhanced SensesEdit

In addition to being able to duplicate the affects of all Bioware Enhanced Senses, there are a few enhanced senses that can only be produced using cyberware.

Cyberware Mental AugmentationsEdit

Mental augmentations increase the functionality and overall power of the Transhuman brain.

Cyberware Physical AugmentationsEdit

Most physical Bioware augmentations are derived from the capabilities of animals and enhance the overall ability of the physical limits of the Transhuman.

See AlsoEdit

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