This implants enhance the morph’s physical body.

Cyberclaws The bones on the back of the morph’s hand are bonded to smart material claws
[ Low ]
Cyberlimb Standard replacement cyberlimbs function the same as their biological equivalents.
[ Moderate ]
Cyberlimb Plus A more extravagant cyberlimb model.
[ High ]
Cybernetic Hand Laser The morph has a weapon-grade laser implanted in its forearm.
[ Moderate ]
Hardened Skeleton The morph’s skeleton has been laced with strengthening materials
[ High ]
Oxygen Reserve The morph has a miniature oxygen tank and rebreather installed in its torso.
[ Low ]
Reflex Boosters The morph’s spinal column and nervous system is rewired with superconducting materials.
[ Expensive ]

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